we accept the love we think we deserve​


I heard this saying for the first time today and it really hit me, I had never heard something so true, yet so daunting. The fact that we accept a person version of ‘love’, right or wrong, as we feel that we deserve it. Although this is not always true, I believe we put up with peoples love because we love them, not because we feel that’s what we deserve. There have been many times in my life where people have not treated me the way I deserve, but because of the way I felt for them, I accepted it, although I did not feel I deserved it. I am not saying that is the right thing to do, it took me a long time to grow up and realise that you need to love yourself the most. Therefore, I believe this saying is too straightforward. Love means something different for everybody, god knows I know not all of you will agree with this post. But I just needed to share the thoughts that have been going around my head today.

I just wanted to say, do not accept a version of love that does not make you happy, you all deserve the best kind. I myself have not felt love like they describe in the movies yet, but I know when it happens it would have been worth fighting for. Life is too short to except shit we don’t deserve, stand up for yourselves and love someone deeply who will love you back all the same.



Life is extremely hard to put into words. It is composed of an individuals memories and events which sums up their life. Everybody’s definition of life will vary, each one of us has lived differently with love and laugher along the way. Today I lost someone very important to me and I realised that life can end so quickly, so why do we all sit around complaining instead of embracing the gift we have been given?

Please go out into the word and love deeply and laugh loudly, be adventurous. Life’s too short to wait until tomorrow, because you never really know when tomorrow will be over. I myself sometimes take this beautiful life that I have been given for granted, I to forget to enjoy myself on the days when I don’t want to. But isn’t that the whole point, you’re meant to enjoy every minute and laugh every second.

Just remember when things are tough, you’re not alone. Somebody somewhere is going through the same thing, so just enjoy every moment. Life is a gift to be enjoyed.


little white lines

” A mark left on the skin forever”

The body is like a canvas and the world is our paint, through life experiences marks are left. Many of us no longer have a untouched perfect canvas anymore, we are bruised, broken and scared. The earth has left its mark on us that we carry visibly for everyone to see.

Scars are present on the body for different reasons, falling over as a child, medical reasoning, self harm… But no two scars are the same. But that is what makes them beautiful. Many of us hide our scars due to embarrassment or shame, but why? It shows you have lived a life, you have been challenged by life and you survived (you have the scars to prove it). So why are some of us scared to show them? We all have our own reasons. But not all scars are visible, some are buried deep within us where events or people have left emotional scars inside of us. Those are sometimes the hardest to deal with as only you know they are there, no one else can see them. But that doesn’t mean you are not able to show people. Many of us are scared to reveal the ‘bad’ bits about ourselves, but its the imperfections and cracks of life left on us that make us who we are. So please don’t be scared to show your white lines, because every body has them, everybody has been touched by life.

Take the time to find yourself

What is time?

The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regard as a whole.

The seconds roll into minutes, minutes roll into hours, these hours turn into weeks, months and years. But what is it all for? I believe the most important factor no matter how long we are on this earth is self worth and love. You should be your own best friend. Through this no one can let you down, hurt you or make you feel alone. This is because if you love yourself you will always feel complete.

I do not intend to make self love sound like an easy thing. If I am honest, I’m not even there myself. I often ask myself why not and it’s because I allow myself to be influenced by the views and opinions of others around me. But you see the thing is they shouldn’t influence how you view yourself, because if you love yourself they wouldn’t change a thing.

Take the time to learn to enjoy your own company, just spend time with yourself, take a minute to breath. Depending on others to feel happy in your company is wrong, you will never feel complete when it is just you. But you can learn, start small. Compliment yourself, start with the thing you hate most… change your outlook, every morning tell yourself thats the best thing about yourself, you will soon learn to believe it yourself.

Take the time to help others, better yourself as a person. Try to do something nice for someone a day, it doesn’t have to be something big. See a homeless person buy them a sandwich, see someone struggling to cross the road, help them. It’s the little things in life that hep the most, so go out there and help. But along the way don’t forget to love yourself.

fingerprints left behind

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we have touched”

I heard this saying for the first time today and I it has stayed with me all day long. This to me was a beautiful image that displays how we are all unique like fingerprints and how we all effect each others life, good or bad. The thing is once we have done or said something we can’t take it back or change it, but that is a beauty in itself. We as humans have the ability to do anything we want to, and why not? Everybody is amazing and unique in their own way. So go out there and leave your mark on the world.



The definition of love: the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone.

After a long period of time of constantly being busy, I have taken a moment to stop. Just pause. Life looks so different when you finally take the minute to stop and just look around you. Why do we all rush around? What is it all for? As I’m getting older I have realised that loneliness is around me more than ever and I can’t help but think its our own fault. The only way we communicate with another now is through social media, when is the last time someone actually came round your house to ask if you was okay? Now all we get is a text message which took them 2 seconds to write and cost them nothing. no wonder we feel lonely. 

I find myself feeling, wishing, I was born many years ago when things were still romantic, men would write letters and send flowers. All we get now is text messages and brought a drink on a night out. what happened to romance? I grew up on Disney fair tails and hopeless romantic films which only set me up for disappointment in the real world. Love in today’s society is no longer like that, us women have fallen in love with fictional film characters in hope that they are out there somewhere. But like many things in todays society they are false personas used to gain fame and money which are only meant to be enjoyed through entertainment. But then why do they have such an impact on our lives? Many psychological studies have displayed the effectiveness of the entertainment industry on people lives, but still we watch and learn from artificial media.

I am fully aware that love still exists, but I personally haven’t been lucky enough to experience it yet. But I have experienced heat break, tears and a lot of loneliness. I am hopeful that maybe I just had a bad start in the life of love. I haven’t given up yet. I just wish that the good old fashion ways of romance would return. I mean what girl doesn’t love a gentlemen.