The definition of love: the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone.

After a long period of time of constantly being busy, I have taken a moment to stop. Just pause. Life looks so different when you finally take the minute to stop and just look around you. Why do we all rush around? What is it all for? As I’m getting older I have realised that loneliness is around me more than ever and I can’t help but think its our own fault. The only way we communicate with another now is through social media, when is the last time someone actually came round your house to ask if you was okay? Now all we get is a text message which took them 2 seconds to write and cost them nothing. no wonder we feel lonely. 

I find myself feeling, wishing, I was born many years ago when things were still romantic, men would write letters and send flowers. All we get now is text messages and brought a drink on a night out. what happened to romance? I grew up on Disney fair tails and hopeless romantic films which only set me up for disappointment in the real world. Love in today’s society is no longer like that, us women have fallen in love with fictional film characters in hope that they are out there somewhere. But like many things in todays society they are false personas used to gain fame and money which are only meant to be enjoyed through entertainment. But then why do they have such an impact on our lives? Many psychological studies have displayed the effectiveness of the entertainment industry on people lives, but still we watch and learn from artificial media.

I am fully aware that love still exists, but I personally haven’t been lucky enough to experience it yet. But I have experienced heat break, tears and a lot of loneliness. I am hopeful that maybe I just had a bad start in the life of love. I haven’t given up yet. I just wish that the good old fashion ways of romance would return. I mean what girl doesn’t love a gentlemen.


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