little white lines

” A mark left on the skin forever”

The body is like a canvas and the world is our paint, through life experiences marks are left. Many of us no longer have a untouched perfect canvas anymore, we are bruised, broken and scared. The earth has left its mark on us that we carry visibly for everyone to see.

Scars are present on the body for different reasons, falling over as a child, medical reasoning, self harm… But no two scars are the same. But that is what makes them beautiful. Many of us hide our scars due to embarrassment or shame, but why? It shows you have lived a life, you have been challenged by life and you survived (you have the scars to prove it). So why are some of us scared to show them? We all have our own reasons. But not all scars are visible, some are buried deep within us where events or people have left emotional scars inside of us. Those are sometimes the hardest to deal with as only you know they are there, no one else can see them. But that doesn’t mean you are not able to show people. Many of us are scared to reveal the ‘bad’ bits about ourselves, but its the imperfections and cracks of life left on us that make us who we are. So please don’t be scared to show your white lines, because every body has them, everybody has been touched by life.


6 thoughts on “little white lines

  1. ”everybody has been touched by life”…wonderfully put down!
    why don’t you write long? express yourself a bit more. you got some pretty bad scars yourself you need to heal is what i feel(see how good i’m at rhyming XD).

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