Life is extremely hard to put into words. It is composed of an individuals memories and events which sums up their life. Everybody’s definition of life will vary, each one of us has lived differently with love and laugher along the way. Today I lost someone very important to me and I realised that life can end so quickly, so why do we all sit around complaining instead of embracing the gift we have been given?

Please go out into the word and love deeply and laugh loudly, be adventurous. Life’s too short to wait until tomorrow, because you never really know when tomorrow will be over. I myself sometimes take this beautiful life that I have been given for granted, I to forget to enjoy myself on the days when I don’t want to. But isn’t that the whole point, you’re meant to enjoy every minute and laugh every second.

Just remember when things are tough, you’re not alone. Somebody somewhere is going through the same thing, so just enjoy every moment. Life is a gift to be enjoyed.



3 thoughts on “Gift

  1. Lovely words – loss can often add a bit of clarity to your own problems and make you think about life again. Sorry for your loss though, that’s always hard.


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